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Akkeshi Whisky: The Rise of A Promising New Japanese Distillery

Japan has long been known for its love and dedication towards their whisky making. The country’s rich history and culture, coupled with its unique climate and geology, have allowed for the creation of some of the world’s most prestigious and sought-after whiskies. Among the many distilleries in Japan, one name stands out – Akkeshi Whisky.

Nestled in the eastern coast of Hokkaido, Japan’s second-largest island, Akkeshi Whisky is a relatively new distillery that has been making waves in the whisky world. Founded in 2016, Akkeshi Whisky is the brainchild of Keiichi Toita, a former employee of the famous Nikka Whisky. Toita, along with his team, including master blender, Yohji Fukuhara, had a vision to create a new type of Japanese whisky that would stand out from the rest.

Akkeshi Whisky’s location is one of its biggest assets. The town of Akkeshi is surrounded by lush green forests and pristine waters, making it the perfect spot for creating high-quality whisky. The distillery’s water source comes directly from the Akkeshi River, which runs through the town. This water is known for its purity, and its unique mineral com

position gives Akkeshi Whisky its distinct taste.

Another factor that sets this whisky apart from its competitors is their innovative techniques and processes. The distillery uses a combination of Japanese, Scottish, and American methods to create their whisky. They also utilize a combination of both pot still and column stills, allowing for more experimentation and the creation of different styles of whisky. The use of wooden washbacks, which is not a common practice in Japan, also adds to the complexity and depth of their whiskies.

One of Akkeshi Whisky’s most significant achievements to date is their flagship single malt, ‘Akkeshi New Born.’ This whisky was first released in 2018 and has gained recognition and acclaim from both whisky connoisseurs and industry experts. It is a single malt whisky aged in American and Japanese oak barrels, giving it a unique balance of flavors. The whisky is also unpeated, a rarity in Japanese whisky, as most distilleries favor peated malts. This further highlights Akkeshi Whisky’s commitment to creating a unique and distinctive style of whisky.

Aside from their flagship single malt, they also offers other variations of their single malt, including the ‘Akkeshi Akane’ and ‘Akkeshi Kanro,’ both of which have garnered critical acclaim and sold out in record time. The distillery also plans to release a limited edition peated whisky, ‘Akkeshi Fioru,’ in early 2022.

The success of this whisky can also be attributed to the company’s dedication to sustainable practices. The distillery utilizes renewable energy sources, such as solar and hydro power, and follows an eco-friendly production process to reduce their carbon footprint. They also promote local and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, further supporting the community of Akkeshi.

In just a few short years, this whisky has made its mark in the world of Japanese whisky. Their dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability has seen them gain recognition and awards both locally and internationally. The distillery’s success is a testament to their vision and commitment to creating a unique and exceptional style of whisky.

In conclusion, this whisky is a prime example of the modernization of the Japanese whisky scene. The distillery’s combination of traditional techniques with innovative practices has resulted in a promising new addition to the world of whisky. As they continue to grow and expand, we can only expect to see more exceptional and distinctive whiskies from Akkeshi.