Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Price

James Bond 60th Anniversary price


Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Price. Through a behind-the-scenes exploration of the James Bond archives this release celebrates 007 and The Macallan as modern innovators linked by their Scottish heritage. Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Price. Visit

However, the Macallan and James Bond are bound together by our shared Scottish heritage, innovative nature, and the pursuit of excellence. We have created a remarkable collection comprising six limited edition bottles inspired by each of The Six Decades of Bond, telling the story of innovation over 60 years and the pioneering character attributes of James Bond and The Macallan. 

The packaging of each bottle features an original illustrative design and color to denote the decade it represents. The distinctive artwork brings to life the creative development process of the films in a behind-the-scenes exploration of the James Bond archives.


All things considered, timeless single malt has been developed to reflect the enduring character of James Bond, a force of nature defined by his Scottish heritage. The Macallan Master Whisky Maker, Kirsteen Campbell, has created a whisky with extreme grace balanced by remarkable strength and character – just like Bond himself.  

Finally, the expression exudes a sense of style and maturity which has evolved over the years. It has a natural color of Suisse gold and an ABV of 43.7% as a homage to James Bond’s agent number, 007. The whisky is consistent within all six bottles.


In conclusion, Scotland is renowned for its inventors and 007’s gadgets are a hallmark of the films’ popularity, The Macallan and Bond are united by our unwavering character, deep roots, and continuous pursuit to innovate. 

Discover sixty years of innovation, artwork and behind the scenes insights that feature on the unique James Bond 60th Anniversary Release bottles. 

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