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At collectible whisky Shop, we are perfectionists when it comes to the stock we source. We endeavor to stock the most exclusive and hard-to-find luxury and collectible whisky from Scotland, Japan, and around the world. We ship globally and offer next-day delivery in the US, UK, and Europe.

We also offer a range of cask services as independent bottlers. We can help you sell your cask of Scotch Whisky and advise you on bottling your cask under our independent label.

Our main objective is to source rare and exclusive whisky and sell at market leading prices whilst providing exceptional customer service. We do not only supply whisky to private individuals and collectors, but also to businesses such as renowned whisky bars, hotels, casinos and superyachts

Based in  Rue Montagne aux Bruxelles, Belgium
The Collectable Whisky online shop ships Whisky Globally.

As a growing business we hold ourselves to a strict set of values in various aspects of our company culture. Customers, people and a responsible approach to alcohol is at the forefront of how we operate. Customer relationships are exceptionally important to us and we have long-standing relationships with clients who have built up their portfolios of whisky with us.

Our customers have independently reviewed us as excellent on Trustpilot through ‘verified purchase’ questionnaires.


• Put the customer first.
• Offer the highest quality of service.
• Provide innovative solutions.


• Treat everyone equally, fairly and with respect.
• Communicate openly, honestly and promptly.
• Prioritise safety and wellness.


• Promote safe and responsible alcohol consumption.
• Provide up to date and accurate information on alcohol.
• Prevent misuse of alcohol.

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